VeriDaaS Corporation is undertaking a national mapping program to acquire airborne Geiger Mode LiDAR data across the United States, known as VeriMAP. This comprehensive program is focused on collecting and processing data better than USGS LiDAR specifications. Geiger Mode LiDAR delivers output of 30-100 points/m².

Data Products available include the following:

  • Classified Point Cloud Data
  • Hydro-Flatten Digital Elevation Model
  • Hillshade Model
  • Digital Surface Model
  • 3D/3D Vector Data
    • Building Footprint and Structures
    • Road Features
    • Utility Mapping
    • Forestry/Tree Mapping

VeriDaaS Advantages

Comprehensive Data Collection of the Entire United States

Results in the best national mapping and GIS library of its kind

Economies of Scale and Flight Planning Efficiency

Maintains low acquisition costs

Access to Inexpensive Data

Creates new businesses, jobs, and services across the country

Competitive Difference

Cesium Platform levels playing field for GIS service providers