The global automotive ecosystem is embarking on an unprecedented transformation, what has been called “a new age of accessible autonomy” driven by social trends and the driverless revolution. The tremendous pace of change has both incumbents and nimble disruptors jockeying for position to shape the future of mobility. Geospatial Data is projected to be a key component in the transformation. VeriDaaS’ ubiquitous coverage at unparalleled accuracy positions enables us to broadly shape this transformation.

Blending Rich Data

The three images below help illustrate the potential of VeriDaaS’s rich data offering. The images of the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation’s MCity test track were taken using, from left to right, the Vexcel UltraCam Eagle Prime with a 80mm lens, the Specim AisaFenix 1k Hyperspectral system, and the TeledyneOptech Galaxy LiDAR system as part of VeriDaaS’ validation test program.

From the data above, a derivative automotive navigation vector product complete with surface classification and an underlying TIN elevation layer was created and illustrated below.