World Class Data Warehousing, Processing, and Visualization

The technology required to fully utilize the depth and power of Geiger-Mode LiDAR is built into the unique computing environment created by VeriDaaS and our partners, setting a new standard for data processing and management, delivering massive, powerful, highly accurate point cloud sets quickly and efficiently, even on mobile devices. This unique environment also includes data storage services, eliminating existing barriers to proper Geospatial data management, which have historically been reliant on the client’s technology stack and network size.

Agile Processing Power

VeriDaaS’ utilization of Dell’s technology at its core enables specialized processing power in order to keep up with ongoing acquisition of large packets of raw data collected at high speeds with next-generation High Definition Geiger Mode LiDAR.

Our multi-million dollar investment into building a Dell environment was driven by a shared goal that our technology must allow users to be able to access and utilize higher-quality, richer point cloud data than the lower point density data sets currently on the market, and do so with greater ease and at a lower cost.

Scalable, Adaptive Delivery

In order to be able to store and distribute rich data coming in from sorties nationwide and at high speeds, VeriDaaS has partnered with Flexential, a leading provider of data center colocation and hybrid IT solutions. Working with a Flexential Tier III data center, we are able to efficiently manage and make available new data, faster than ever, including object-based storage and interim private cloud services.

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