Data Options

VeriDaaS offers rich data solutions to facilitate and enhance the geospatial initiatives of companies, institutions, and governments across a wide range of use cases. As we continue to expand our various libraries, we will update available data on the pages profiled below. Please explore the samples on each page. All pages include a contact mechanism to simplify data purchase.

Data Samples

We provide samples of data collected by our high-resolution Geiger-mode LiDAR sensors for a variety of use cases. Samples exist for download of either classified or unclassified files.

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Data Library

Our interactive Data Map provides information on our current repository of point cloud datasets across the nation. Zoom in on individual tiles of the map to see where current data exists.

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3D Data Previews

See how our data can enable powerful new perspectives and enhanced detail as you fly through sample point clouds within a full 3D environment created using ArcGIS visualization software.

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