Geiger-mode LiDAR

Our Geiger-mode LiDAR data can be delivered as either calibrated or classified point clouds, but we also offer several derivative products to increase the level of insight and value you can gain from the LiDAR:

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) – Surface and Terrain (DSMs & DTMs)
  • Intensity Images
  • Contours
  • Hillshade Models/Shaded Relief
  • Hydro flattened and Hydro enforced DEMs
Digital elevation model
Digital elevation model


VeriSAT is a conflated product that uses the Geiger-mode LiDAR data to enhance the accuracy, insight, and value of satellite and or aerial ortho imagery.

By combining the LiDAR with the imagery, not only is the resolution improved, but the accuracy as well. By interpolating the “Z” or elevation value into the data. Objects that had questionable spatial reference or were not visible within the imagery-only product, are suddenly, accurately represented.

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