Property Insurance

VeriDaaS Insurance Solutions offers a comprehensive and highly accurate source of data to analyze property insurance risk. Our precise 3D LiDAR datasets enable clients to perform true measurements on structures. In addition, the broad coverage of our datasets provides a rich resource to develop predictive analytics for risks such as fire and flood. We are building leading-edge tools with our partners to enable customers to quickly assess a multitude of risks, which can be leveraged to optimize their portfolios. VeriDaaS Insurance Solutions tools are being created specifically to focus on risk-assessment services and actionable decision analytics. Our goal is to empower clients to reach better-informed underwriting and claims decisions, to help reduce fraud and to deliver faster response to catastrophes.

The best-in-class Geiger-mode LiDAR Point cloud density and sub-10cm height accuracy provide unprecedented, detailed 3D models of a property and its surroundings. The resolution of this 3D dataset enables the identification and characterization of features not possible with customary aerial imagery. For example, to assess fire risk, clients can determine the distance of structures to neighboring trees, understand and assess the fuel capacity of neighboring properties, as well as analyze how historical wind patterns would likely spread a fire across the community. The data facilitate a comprehensive approach to assessing a property’s risk profile.



Our base Gieger-Mode data provides exceptional 3D, 360-degree views of a property. When desired, clients can easily supplement that data with high resolution imagery and property data. Virtual inspection via drones is an efficient, reliable, and affordable method of evaluating a building, its systems, and site components, as well as for detecting building defects. Virtual inspection can be used as part of a Property Condition Assessment Report for due diligence purposes prior to acquiring a real estate property, or for financing/refinancing purposes.


Change detection plays a key role in maintaining infrastructure integrity or managing right-of-way encroachments, allowing users to monitor, efficiently and accurately, what has changed through building and demolition activity. VeriDaaS and its partners utilize satellite imagery to monitor change in our coverage areas. Based on the level of change identified, VeriDaaS sets its recollection priorities and supplements its data as warranted.


VeriDaaS’ datasets can be utilized effectively to monitor vegetation encroachment. For example, electric utilities can pinpoint vegetation encroachment risks to their utility transmission lines—a major cause of power disruptions and financial loss—and confidently mitigate them. Our datasets can also be used to detect and monitor right-of-way encroachments, allowing users to implement proactive prevention of third-party damage.

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