Data Acquisition

Our fleet of aircraft and sensors can be contracted to capture a specific project Area of Interest (AOI). From a county to a full State, or over a full electric utility service territory, our airborne acquisition of Geiger-mode LiDAR data is extremely efficient and effective for wide-area mapping projects.

Data as a service
Data as a service


Our highly qualified team of Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) are responsible for collecting Ground Control Points (GCPs) that are used in our data processing verification and validation, to ensure a high-level of accuracy in our products.

Licensed in both the US and Canada, our survey crews are available to our customers as contracted services for activities such as:

  • Precise Control Surveys – 1D, 2D, and 3D
  • Ground Control for Aerial Imaging and LiDAR
  • Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Monitoring for Subsidence and Deformation
  • Transportation Design Surveys
  • Oil and Gas Exploration Surveys
Data as a service

VeriDaaS Corporation is building a comprehensive data library of “off-the-shelf”, high-resolution Geiger-Mode LiDAR data across the United States. The VeriMAP™ program is a repository of 30 points per square meter (ppsm) calibrated and classified datasets. This revolutionary program utilizes cutting-edge Geiger-Mode LiDAR, which enables levels of collection efficiency, detail, and accuracy. Our plan is to collect data across all U.S.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and to extend broader coverage across the entire United States as customer demand dictates. Please use visit our Library page to access the coverage map of our existing and planned capture areas.

Data as a service

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We help alleviate the cost and administrative burden associated with the storage and management of your LiDAR data. Our state-of-the-art data center provides customers with the required redundancy, a guaranteed level of service, and ultimately peace of mind, while also providing the flexibility to scale as business demand increases.

The technology required to fully utilize the depth and power of Geiger-Mode LiDAR is built into the computing environment created by VeriDaaS, setting a new standard for data collection processing and management, delivering massive, powerful, highly accurate point cloud sets quickly and efficiently, even on mobile devices. This unique environment also includes data storage services, eliminating existing barriers for proper geospatial data management, which have historically been reliant on the client’s technology stack and network size.

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