With our acquisition of 4DM, Inc. we are bringing Geospatial intelligence to the forefront. Now part of VeriDaaS, the solutions the (former 4DM) team brings focus on gaining insight from data through the application of Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These analytical solutions derive an incredible amount of information, bringing real value to helping clients answer their questions and solve their problems. SkyTraX™ applies Deep Learning Models to automatically detect vessels and extract their position by creating a localized box.

The software is an application that is accessible as a stand-alone desktop and multi-user web environment that utilize high resolution single pass optical satellite images to detect and track objects.

SkyTrax can be used for applications such as:

  • Port Management & Monitoring
  • Marine Mammal Detection & Protection
  • Vehicle Mobility Intelligence
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment
  • Illegal Fishing Monitoring
Example Imagery

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