VeriDaaS Data Library

Our interactive data map provides information on our current repository of point cloud datasets across the nation. Zoom in on individual tiles to determine where current data exists. Contact us at [email protected] to purchase existing data tiles or to request information regarding the future availability of data in your area of interest.

VeriDaaS Corporation is building a comprehensive library of high-resolution Geiger-mode LiDAR data across the United States. Our VeriMAP™ program is a repository of 30 ppsm calibrated and classified datasets. This revolutionary program utilizes cutting-edge Geiger-mode LiDAR Technology . It enables levels of collection efficiency, detail and accuracy never before seen on the market. Early datasets are already available. VeriDaaS continues to build out its VeriMAP™ Library through ongoing programs such as our state-wide California collection project, among others to collect entire states and regions. We plan to collect data across all U.S. population centers and to extend coverage to the entire United States as customer demand dictates.

Core Data Products include:

  • Calibrated Point Clouds (LAS 1.4)
  • Classified Point Cloud Data

Available Data Products include:

  • Hydro-Flatten Digital Elevation Model
  • Hillshade Model
  • Digital Surface Model
  • 3D Vector Data
  • Building Footprint and Structures
  • Road Features
  • Utility Mapping
  • Forestry/Tree Mapping
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