Our Story

About VeriDaaS

VeriDaaS was born out of opportunity, evolution, and experience. Our roots are deep in the geospatial community and combine aerospace, engineering, networking, aviation, and other backgrounds in a team hungry to find a better way to meet emerging opportunities affecting the industry and those who work within it.

The VeriDaaS team recognized that, although existing geospatial providers have steadily evolved to meet the needs of current challenges, the market has been slow to adopt breakthrough technologies that have long-lasting transformational impact. VeriDaaS understood that the lack of incentive to disrupt existing methodologies were not only impacting existing customers, they were also constraining the development of new markets, such as 5G and autonomous vehicles, as well as reducing access to new customers in traditional markets.

From this realization, VeriDaaS was born, focused on combining the best in Geiger-mode LiDAR, an unmatched acquisition fleet, and a massive IT infrastructure to process and serve data at speeds that make data truly usable for all. By deploying these market-first technologies, VeriDaaS has driven down the cost of the data while expanding accessibility, functionality, and data effectiveness … an opportunity stitched together by our team, well-versed in challenges facing the geospatial market and aware of its need to undergo a radical evolution.

Our Mission

At VeriDaaS, we are building the richest, most comprehensive US national geospatial data library ever created, significantly disrupting the geospatial market through a powerful Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) business model. Leveraging this data library, VeriDaaS will become the predominant geospatial solutions provider across new and emerging industries and applications.

What’s Different Now?

In short, our goal is to set data free. Or more specifically, to help users of geospatial data set themselves free … Free to exceed expectations by unleashing a new level of quality that creates opportunities to see what’s truly possible in geospatial world today and tomorrow, and to do so at unprecedented speed, driven by unmatched technological power, and at new and acquisition-friendly price points.

The confluence of technologies and opportunities that have created today’s VeriDaaS will continue to power the solutions we create tomorrow. Whatever those might be, we will always be forward-facing, looking for disruptive advancements driven by opportunity, evolution, and experience.

Three Keys That Allow Us to Tealize Our Vision:

  • Our VeriMap national and international mapping initiatives will enable us to acquire the highest accuracy dataset over broad, national areas

  • Geiger-mode LiDAR data is delivered efficiently to end users through our unique technology stack, enabling use across devices without the need for previously heavy hardware requirements.

  • Our experienced team is developing tools to extract value from the data and leverage partnerships to create the largest set of applications focused on providing a wide variety of answers for our clients