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We Enhance and Analyze Geo Data for You

We enhance and analyze geo data for you

VeriDaaS offers data processing and analysis services to support clients with their challenging remote sensing and geospatial projects. We utilize leading-edge technology and an exceptionally skilled team to provide first-class geospatial capabilities. We deliver a wide range of geospatial data and analytics solutions for clients across many industries, irrespective of scale. Our services include mission planning, ground survey, data acquisition, processing, data creation, and data analytics.

Hydro-flattening of LiDAR Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)

When producing a consistent and realistic digital terrain model (DTM), the water surfaces must be post-processed. This process is called hydro-flattening and produces a topographic DTM. This means that all water surfaces are flat and consistent from bank-to-bank, the rivers flow downhill and the shorelines are above the water surface. The geometry of the original lidar points is not changed, only the height values of water bodies and shorelines are adjusted. However, bridges are also removed to ensure a continuous flow of water.

VeriDaaS has extensive experience in the processing and post-processing of digital elevation models. We provide the best hydro-flattening service for high-quality LiDAR-based Digital Terrain Models. By adhering to USGS standards, we ensure the creation of premium DTMs.

Classification of LiDAR Point Clouds

The classification of LiDAR point clouds is an essential step in exploiting the full potential of LiDAR technology as a powerful analysis tool. Point cloud segmentation and classification provides invaluable knowledge for applications in utilities, forestry, flood modeling, engineering projects and more.

With our expertise in point cloud classification, our compliance to USGS standards and flexibility to customize to specific project requirements, customers can use VeriDaaS’ classification services with confidence of accuracy and efficiency. We provide premium classification services to all customers who have LiDAR data but not the right process in place and we support them effectively through large projects.