A New Level of Surveillance

Precise identification of moving objects

Automated Monitoring of Objects on Land and at Sea

Automated monitoring of objects on land and at sea

SkyTraX is an automated software application that uses high-resolution optical satellite imagery and AI-powered deep learning to detect and track stationery and moving objects on land and at sea. It provides target intelligence for object recognition, identification, tracking, and behavior. SkyTraX also delivers hourly reports and threat assessment supporting maritime awareness and border surveillance. In addition, it can be used to monitor road traffic. SkyTraX is accessible as stand along desktop and multi-user web environment. Based on OGC/CGDI standards and technology, it can be operated as backend process for block processing or from web interface.

Activity-based Intelligence

SkyTraX Uncovers, Analyzes, and Evaluates

  • Detection: Object position is autodetected and registered (creating a localized box).

  • Segmentation: The detected object is extracted considering perimeter, area, length and width, and other shape factors.
  • Characterization: Unique image characteristics are used to “fingerprint” the object.

  • Matching: Algorithms are applied to create an object matching score to identify similar / dissimilar objects.

  • Tracking: Temporal and spatial displacement information is provided to track objects of interests

  • Velocity (speed & trajectory): Selective sensor velocity information is retrieved.

Key SkyTraX Elements

Detects objects at land and sea

Several objects of interest can be detected and identified in one image at the same time: vessels, ships, cars, trucks, and even mammals.

Target intelligence

Hourly reports and threat assessments on whether objects pose a threat to security, safety and environmental protection.

Cutting-edge technology

Artificial Intelligence for automation and extraction using data from satellite, airborne/UAS and ground base image sensors.

Accessible anytime

Stand alone desktop and multi-user web interface (accessible from anywhere at any time).