Empowering Utilities with Geospatial Excellence


Challenges faced by utilities maintaining a functional and scalable network are not limited to reliability. They also include managing expanding costs, ensuring customer satisfaction, and improving safety in a variety of different geographic and populated areas. Utilizing remote sensing technologies (such as Geiger-mode LiDAR) and big data analytics is becoming a standard in improving all aspects of network asset management, because of its safety, accuracy, and high-frequency/low-cost approach.

Utilizing Geiger-mode LiDAR data collection and analysis approaches allow us to update the customer’s asset location and asset management records of poles, attachments, and feature details – as well as derived vegetation management information within areas of interest. This remote sensing data approach can provide mission-critical insights faster and more cost-effectively than traditional inspections and can be utilized for managing vegetation, monitoring field assets, responding to weather events, and much more. Through VeriDaaS’ deep analytics and remote sensing experience, we are setting the standard in image science through growing availability of geospatial data that helps utilities more dynamically and cost-effectively manage their networks.

Sample Imagery

Data Can Be Leveraged for Many Users and Uses:
  • Land base Accuracy improvements
  • Asset Management inventory
  • Vegetation management
  • Substation Mapping
  • Conflation
  • Growth rate prediction
  • PLS-CADD Modeling
  • Environmental Planning
  • Herbicide Planning
  • Green Field
Exploitation of Geiger-mode LiDAR:
  • 2D asset inventories T&D poles, wires, substations, others
  • GIS land base accuracy improvements
  • 3D vegetation management
  • Pole lean
  • Design
Exploitation of Visual Imagery:
  • Storm damage assessment
  • Comprehensive pole inspection
  • Greenfield inspection