The Earth’s Elevations

Explore digital elevation models representing the terrain topography with or without natural and artificial objects with unprecedented precision.

Enabling Rapid Implementation of Applications

Enabling rapid implementation of applications

Geiger-mode LiDAR enables the production of most detailed height information even under vegetated areas. Two different elevation information are provided: the representation of the Earth’s surface without any obstruction such as vegetation or man-made objects like building and bridges. This elevation model is called Digital Terrain Model (DTM). The Digital Surface Model (DSM), on the other hand, contains the heights of all natural and artificial objects. VeriDaaS offers both models.


Terrain models are the basis for terrain analysis and hydrological modelling. For these applications, a bare Earth model with flattened water surfaces is required. This hydro-flattened DTM has been enhanced with breaklines, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds are flattened to a single elevation and rivers and canals are flattened from bank-to-bank flowing downslope, naturally following the surrounding terrain.

Various Applications and Use Cases

The quality and level of detail of elevation models have a significant impact on application results. We have therefore developed and implemented a very robust and sophisticated data processing workflow that ensures high-quality, USGS compliant surface and terrain data.

Our surface and terrain models support complex applications in various industries such as 3D modelling, flood and runoff modelling, power network and forest inventory and orthophoto rectification to name a few. The DTM is the basis for deriving terrain parameters such as breaklines, slope, aspect, and contour generation. They are also part of critical decisions ranging from flood events where the immediate safety of human life, property, and agriculture is at stake, to long-term infrastructure and resource planning.

Key Earth Elevation Elements

Highest level of detail

Pixel spacing down to 10 centimeters.

High quality delivery

Precise breakline generation guarantees terrain representation with high accuracy.

Terrain analysis

Contours, breaklines and tree heights allow for advanced analysis.

USGS compliant

Suitable for the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP).