VeriDaaS leadership blends experience and expertise in ways that are helping us re-shape the geospatial industry.

VeriDaaS leadership blends experience and expertise in ways that are helping us re-shape the geospatial industry.

Eric Young

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Young is a highly accomplished executive with a proven track record of success in P&L leadership, operations, and program management. With his impressive achievements at EverCommerce Solutions/Security Information Systems and L3Harris Technologies, Eric has demonstrated his ability to drive growth, execute strategic pivots, and improve profitability.

As the CEO of VeriDaaS Corporation, he leverages his expertise to lead strategic initiatives, foster business growth, and redefine the company’s go-to-market strategy. With a focus on new market verticals and collaboration with the Board and management team, Eric is well-positioned to propel VeriDaaS to new levels of success in the geospatial data services industry.

Mark Frank

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Frank is an accomplished Technology and Operations Leader with extensive experience in managing technology-driven ventures across high-tech, remote sensing, and aerospace sectors. His leadership has spanned intricate processes, software development, and system management, leading large international teams on projects ranging up to $130 million.

Mark’s proficiency in diverse domains, including engineering, software development, and customer care, equips him to envision comprehensive solutions and foster collaboration. Adept at communication and stakeholder consensus, his ability to manage across organizational levels ensures effective outcomes. Holding degrees in electrical engineering and an MBA, coupled with certifications, Mark’s multifaceted expertise is matched by his dedication as a family man and his pursuit of active leisure interests.

Steve McArdle

Chief Innovation Officer

Steven is a distinguished geospatial subject matter expert with over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneurial scientist in the geospatial technology field. He combines his scientific knowledge in earth science, atmospheric science, and remote sensing with geoinformatics technology to support informed decision-making for business and government entities. His extensive experience includes LiDAR, multispectral/hyperspectral imagery, artificial intelligence, and software development, leading collaborative research initiatives across various domains. With engagements in Canada, US, UK, Europe, and Africa, Steven brings a wealth of business, technical, and client experiences to VeriDaaS. He holds academic honors in Geology, Geophysics, Meteorology, and Space Science, underscoring his profound understanding of geospatial intricacies and their practical applications.

Rick Eagle

Vice President, Product Management

Rick boasts over two decades of diverse leadership experience in bringing products to market, showcasing his prowess in multidisciplinary strategies. As an accomplished product strategist, he excels in recognizing market openings, devising competitive strategies, and effectively executing product plans. With a track record as an innovation specialist, Rick has consistently identified and rapidly assessed groundbreaking product prospects, translating them into successful endeavors that drive disruptive progress.

Dan Lynch

Vice President, Product Generation & Delivery

With more than 33 years of experience, Dan has consistently delivered operational solutions that enhance efficiency, quality, and profitability, all while effectively reducing costs. His passion lies in leveraging his profound technological insights to create pioneering processing, operations, and geospatial initiatives, resulting in tangible and quantifiable outcomes.

Notably, Dan played a pivotal role in establishing VeriDaaS Enterprise Work Flow (EWF), where he laid the foundation for post-processing, product creation, derivative development, and delivery components. His enduring commitment to driving innovation has left an indelible mark on the field.

Conse Vecchio

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Conse is a seasoned business development and sales leader with a remarkable track record in driving direct and channel-based global geospatial sales. With an impressive 35-year history, Conse has consistently elevated sales productivity within the geospatial and emerging technology domains. His adept technical acumen is complemented by his robust business development credentials across various vertical markets, spanning both commercial and Government sectors.

Notably, Conse possesses an intricate understanding of the complete spectrum of geospatial data types, collection platforms (including satellite and airborne imagery), and cutting-edge high-density LiDAR systems.

Lee Harper

Director, Data Acquisition

Lee Harper is a seasoned Airborne Geophysics Operations and Project Manager with 15 years of experience, recognized for his adept integration of cutting-edge technology into international projects. With a Computer Engineering background and PMP certification, he has led successful initiatives for prominent US and Canadian companies. Lee’s exceptional leadership is evident in his roles as Director of Data Acquisition at Veridaas Corporation, where he orchestrates innovative data acquisition strategies, and his influential positions at Gedex, Neos Geosolutions, and Aeroquest.

Throughout his career, he has managed multi-disciplinary teams, negotiated complex contracts, and driven projects in challenging global settings. Lee’s visionary approach combines technology and risk assessment while fostering team excellence, reflecting in his trailblazing contributions to the field.

Jeff Southard

Director, Data Processing

Jeff possesses 24 years of invaluable experience in the geospatial industry, with profound technical expertise across diverse technologies and applications. Notably, his leadership as an Operations Manager at Juniper and Production Manager at Compass Data demonstrated his ability to navigate complex challenges and lead international teams on projects of up to $130 million.

Jeff’s background as a technician with Leica laid the foundation for his extensive career, highlighting his passion for geospatial technology. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his innate ability to envision comprehensive solutions and foster collaboration, solidifies his position as a respected figure in the field.