The Power of Advanced Flood Forecasting

Reinforcing flood resilience for communities

The Flood Forecast and Alert Solution

The flood forecast and alert solution

HydrologiX is an automated, web-based software platform enabling the fusion of hydrotechnical models and open-source data to provide hourly forecasted flood alerts and flood hazard probability risks at the community level. It supports real-time continuous river monitoring and risk assessment to communities contributing to sustainable community-level watershed management that balances human and environmental needs and is resilient to the changing climate.

Customize to Your Community

HydrologiX can be customized with different models and is accessible worldwide through a web platform. It is ideal for all levels of governments, conservation organizations, engineering entities, and dam operators where specialized forecasting needs are required. It is characterized by outstanding reliability and a risk-based approach to flood impacts.

Automate the Operation

We help communities automate the operation of their calibrated water models. HydrologiX improves the performance of your models and saves time when it’s needed most.

HydrologiX manages your models in the most efficient way. We understand that a tool that helps protect life, property and the environment must be tailored down to the community level to be effective. And that’s exactly what we do!
We build your HydrologiX web specifically for your needs:

  • We build adapters to integrate all your models

  • We implement the software
  • We do your web-hosting
  • We provide system support

Key HydrologiX Elements

Risk-based approach to flood impacts

Enabling assessment of flood impacts on people, infrastructure and environment.

Precise and robust for timely action

Integration of a various set of data and services guarantees accurate and reliable flood forecasting on an hourly basis.

Highest level of situational awareness

Simultaneous run of several scenarios determines the most probable proposal.

Flexible with model customization

Adaptable to different hydrotechnical models and open-source data, customizable to your communities needs.