The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) co-sponsored the first-ever national assessment to document Business Use requirements for and benefits of national enhanced elevation data which results are outlined in the Dewberry Report, National Enhanced Elevation Assessment. The assessment’s goal was to develop and refine requirements for a national program and to identify program implementation alternatives, costs and benefits for meeting priority national elevation data needs.

The assessment results provide significant evidence that an enhanced national elevation program could provide conservatively-estimated net benefits between $1.2B/year and $13B/year and Benefit/Cost Ratios between 4.3 to 1 and 4.9 to 1, depending upon options implemented. The findings catalyzed the USGS to issue the USGS 3D Elevation Program Initiative, A Call for Action.

VeriDaaS has constructed its National LiDAR Program to go hand and hand with the government’s needs. The program’s deliverables exceeds the USGS Base LiDAR Specification Program and meet all known government requirements for airborne LiDAR collection. We are diligently advancing our data collection, processing and delivery technology to support Federal, State and Local Government requirements.

+ Example Imagery

USGS National Elevation Set on left and LiDAR DEM (1m) on right. Use Slider to view resolution difference.

Elevation Quality Difference Between USGS DEM and Our LiDAR DEM. The Red/Yellow Area Is Where USGS DEM Is Lower and Dark Blue Areas Is Where It Is Higher Elevation