VeriDaaS has constructed its VeriMAP National LiDAR Program to go hand and hand with the government’s needs. The USGS 3DEP program has advanced the availability of LiDAR data across the nation; however, that data has been collected at different specifications over an extended time period and cannot provide uniform data nationally. VeriMAP exceeds the USGS Base LiDAR Specification Program and meet all known government requirements for airborne LiDAR collection. The VeriMAP model will supplement USGS’s initiatives and build a homogeneous national dataset to serve governments along with multiple markets from Automotive to 5G deployment.

VeriDaaS processes its data such that lower density versions can be released into the public domain while its higher density 30 ppsm or greater data can be reserved for commercial applications. In doing such, VeriDaaS can offer low entry prices to USGS, State, county, and other local governments avoiding the onerous task of bring together collations prior to data being collected. It also can make its high-density data available to organizations for internal use at prices well below market value for such extraordinary quality data.

In addition to the quality and price of the available datasets, VeriDaaS offers a Data-as-a-Service model to help municipalities cope with the immense size of the datasets. The DaaS model also opens the door to flexible pricing models to access the data and spread payments out to meet annual budget cycles. Whatever your data needs are, VeriDaaS has solutions. Contact us to find out when we plan to collect in your area.

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