Paving the Way for Smart Transportation Solutions

Paving the Way for Smart Transportation Solutions

Transportation and Infrastructure

Transportation and Infrastructure

The global automotive ecosystem has entered a period of unprecedented transformation. A revolution in self-driving vehicles is ushering in a new age of accessible autonomy. Few technologies hold as much promise to improve people’s lives with safe, accessible and environmentally friendly transportation. Incumbents and nimble disruptors are jockeying for position to shape the future of mobility. Accurate geospatial data is critical to the operation of self-driving vehicles, allowing higher levels of autonomy, safety and fuel efficiency. VeriDaaS’ ubiquitous coverage at unparalleled accuracy places us at forefront of this transformation.

Unparalleled 5G
Network Planning

To drive the new 5G telecommunications world, accurate and reliable geospatial data is more critical than ever before. VeriDaaS is bringing the future of spatial analytics data and mapping to the world’s most advanced telecom companies with our next generation High-Definition Geiger-mode LiDAR.


Geiger-mode uniformity, with thousands of sample points and measurements, processes a uniform matrix of points for incredibly high-resolution output.

  • Collected at 30 PPMS or higher
  • Vertical accuracy less than10 cm
  • Horizontal accuracy less than 30 cm
Oblique Detail

VeriDaaS’ Geiger-mode LiDAR sensors capture data from every direction compared to traditional linear LiDAR.

  • Objects are captured without regard to shape, including power poles, telephone lines and small narrow structures
  • Detection of fine details enables better planning with greater precision
Foliage Penetration

Geiger-mode LiDAR’s oversampling of trees and foliage enables unmatched canopy density data capture.

  • Predictive growth modeling achieved through richer data collection of canopy height and species
  • Datasets not only provide the best line-of-site modeling available, but also enable users to see through, around and beneath the canopy to identify structures and ground points often hidden in other data sets

VeriDaaS 5G Advantages

VeriDaaS’ Telecommunications Solutions leverage the breadth and accuracy of our dataset to provide the most exact tools for RF planning and network optimization. Whether it is planning LTE small cells in an urban environment or creating a nominal design to understand spectrum costs, VeriDaaS provides the best solutions, no matter what your need. Additionally, the uniformity of our data across the United States creates efficiencies in incorporating a single dataset into your analysis, easing use and improving results.

  • Geodata for RF and microwave planning and optimization in simulation tools
  • High degree of precision for detecting and extracting features into 2D/3D polygon and raster surface for buildings, bridges, and vegetation for planimetric and vertical accuracy less than 1m
  • Pre-and post-sales support in your time zone

Vegetation and Canopy Penetration

The ability to define canopy properties accurately (location, height, crown diameter and biomass) is important for rigorous LOS and predictive growth modeling, as well as assessment of Quality of Services from RF signal propagation.