Dawn of a New Remote Sensing Era

VeriDaaS’ Exceptional Geiger-mode LiDAR Systems

VeriDaaS’ exceptional Geiger-Mode LiDAR systems

Geiger-mode LiDAR is a new generation of remote sensing capabilities. It uses state-of-the-art technology to capture highly accurate data and revolutionizes remote sensing by combining precision and speed of data acquisition. This system stands at the forefront of Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) systems, utilizing advanced photon counting technology to capture and process detailed spatial information with unparalleled accuracy.

Our Geiger-mode LiDAR solutions enable rapid and precise mapping of the environment in three dimensions and offer enhanced sensitivity and coverage, making them ideal for applications ranging from utility management, emergency response, and forestry management to environmental monitoring and infrastructure inspection. Geiger-mode LiDAR opens up unprecedented possibilities and forms the basis for high-resolution mapping, efficient object recognition and transformative advances in various industries.

Optimize Snow Management with Our Precise Snowdrift Modeling and Analysis Solution

Our company offers a comprehensive snowdrift analysis and management solution to help you identify snowdrift-prone areas around your roadways, railways, airport runways, or other commercial, industrial, and residential infrastructure.

Our analysis and modeling tools help quantify the extent of your snowdrift issues and develop practical and cost-effective control solutions. Effective snowdrift analysis allows optimization of snow removal activities and reduces the amount of de-icing materials that need to be applied to the road after snowfall events. This significantly reduces road maintenance costs, negative environmental impacts and hazards.

Enhance Object Motion Mapping Utilizing Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

VeriDaaS has developed technology that allows for the extraction of velocity, trajectory, size, count, changes, and continuity in direction of moving objects in remote sensing imagery. This image processing technology is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) and provides you with intelligence that can be used in transportation planning, Maritime Domain Awareness and Automatic Identification System (AIS) verification.

To obtain value-added information regarding objects in remote locations where other sensors may not be available, we use satellite imagery. With global coverage, remote sensing solutions make it possible to cover larger areas, such as a highway corridor, over a single period of time. Presently, satellite constellations, providing global daily coverage over potential areas of interest at sub daily level.

Sophisticated Modeling Tool for Routing and Siting of Corridors

Routing and siting of transmission corridors, oil pipelines, and renewable energy locations are determined by a spatially and temporally complex relationship of engineering requirements, as well as environmental, economic, social, and public health considerations.

Using existing research, VeriDaaS has leveraged and enhanced the least impact methodology that includes multi-criteria decision theory to select alternative and preferred routing / siting locations. The model allows for multiple scenarios and has the ability to weigh and rank input variables in a consensus manner. The application utilizes the ESRI ArcGIS environment to support the model.