Boosting Actionable Intelligence for Informed Decisions

Defense and Intelligence

Defense and Intelligence

A thorough knowledge of the location, terrain and infrastructure is essential for assessing critical situations. Detailed and current information about what’s going on in an area is paramount for effective decision-making and taking controlled measures.
VeriDaaS is at the forefront of providing unparalleled geospatial solutions to the defense and intelligence industry. Our geospatial data library and cutting-edge technologies offer critical services, including superior foliage penetration, mission route planning, disaster response mitigation, border monitoring, and 3D tactical mapping.

Defense and intelligence organizations benefit from our highly accurate datasets and derivative products, curated, and supported by a team of experts. Clients receive the most precise and easily accessible geospatial information, empowering them to make informed decisions. Our analysis-ready data enhance situational awareness, response times, and overall effectiveness in addressing critical challenges.

Border Safety

Geospatial data analysis plays a crucial role in enhancing border safety by providing reliable insights into border activities and identifying potential security threats. By leveraging advanced geospatial technologies, authorities can effectively monitor border regions, mitigate risks, and ensure the safety and security of border areas.

Our Geiger-mode LiDAR data provides the highest level of detail on the ground, revealing the smallest surface structures and incidents along borders and critical infrastructures. This comprehensive data enables proactive measures and precise decision-making to protect border integrity and national security.

Mosquito Abatement

Mosquito abatement holds significant importance for defense and intelligence efforts due to its implications for both public health and national security. Millions of people are affected by mosquito-borne diseases worldwide and the trend has been steadily increasing in recent years. Accurate prognoses are challenging without ground-level observations. A crucial strategy in combating this peril is the identification and mapping of all possible mosquito habitats including natural ponds, ditches, trash and abandoned items.

Effective mosquito control requires remote sensing technology that can detect even the smallest ground features. Geiger-Mode LiDAR proves to be the optimal solution for precise mapping to identify potential mosquito habitats of any size. This data helps mitigate risks and protect both the civilian population and the military from health threats while strengthening national security interests.

Situational Awareness at Sea and on Land

VeriDaaS has the advanced technology capable of detecting and mapping moving objects, providing comprehensive information regarding their velocity, trajectory, size, count, changes, and continuity in direction. This cutting-edge capability enables dynamic tracking and monitoring of various objects in both maritime and land-based environments.

For maritime surveillance, the technology facilitates the monitoring of ships technology, users can gain invaluable insights into both natural and human-induced activities, empowering effective decision-making and strategic planning across diverse domains.